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Handyvap Steam Inhaler, 1 U

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Steam inhalation is a widely used home remedy commonly by using a steam inhaler for cold & cough that soothes the symptoms of flu, sinus infection, bronchitis and other ailments. The warm moist air helps by loosening the mucus in the nasal passages, throat, and lungs. This may relieve symptoms of inflamed, swollen blood vessels in your nasal passages, which eases discomfort and irritation.

Steam inhalation provides relief from the symptoms of

·         Cold

·         Bronchitis

·         Sinus

·         Asthma

·         Laryngitis

The Medtechlife Handyvap is a best steam inhaler for cold & cough, convenient, effective and portable solution that facilitates steam inhalation at home. With important features like 100% plastic body to prevent shocks, double-wall body, and special locking system the Handyvap is ideal for both children and adults.

Steam has been used for hundreds of years as a therapy for treating congestion, cold and various ailments of the nose, throat and upper respiratory area.

Steam inhalers today have very convenient, it instantly create steam that can be inhaled for the best effect.

Steam inhalers are very easy to use. They have a small plastic receptacle for water and need to be plugged in to instantly produce steam.

Doctors all over the world recommend steam as a natural decongestant for anyone who is suffering from congestion, cold or having trouble with sinusitis.

A steam inhaler essentially gives off a fine mist of steam that easily reaches the inner areas of the nose, sinuses and the throat. This steam provides effective and quick relief to the person who inhales it.

The steam when it reaches the upper respiratory system relives inflammation and congestion. It moistens dry nasal passages, and thins and loosens thick mucous, so that the congestion gets cleared more easily. When you inhale the steam it also relaxes the muscles and relives coughing to an extent.

A Steam healer provides instant steam and is a safe, drug free and convenient way give fast and natural relief people suffering from colds, congestions and sinus congestion, laryngitis or allergies. It provides the right amount of humidity where it is required in the upper respiratory area.

Steam inhalers are very effective for relieving the inflammation and congestion of your sinuses, relieving the symptoms of dry mucous membrane and keeping your nasal passages moist and clean.


·         100% Plastic body to prevent shocks

·         Cord 1.5 Meter Length

·         Double wall body to avoid any injury due to hot water while handling the machine.

·         Special Locking to avoid accidental opening to safeguard from spilling hot water and burn.