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JB Points (Loyalty Reward Points)

“JB Points” is our own little way thanking our customers who continue to support and love us!

JB Points Terms & Conditions
"JB Points" will be calculated & accumulated by default in your “JammuBasket” account as soon as your order is delivered. Maximum of 99 JB Points can be redeemed on an order. "JB Points" will be calculated purely on 'Product Value' and not against any other charges incurred during shopping.

e.g. You placed an order worth ₹350.00 and incurred additional shipping charges of ₹50.00. So your account will be credited with 1 JB Points, as shipping charges will not be added to the product purchase value.

As the name suggests, "JB Points" is as good as a Digital Cash which can be redeemed within a timeframe of 6 months, otherwise it will expire in case of an inactive account for 6 months!

e.g: You have 100 JB Points in your JammuBasket account as of 18th Jun 2024 & you did not purchase anything within 6 months, so your JB Points will automatically expire on 18th Dec 2024.

“JammuBasket” holds all rights to change and update the "JB Points" Policy at any point in time. It is your sole responsibility to review "JB Points" policy periodically. “JammuBasket” has the sole discretion of terminating the "JB Points" system anytime, without any intimation.